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HHtronics repairs motherboards for almost any consumer device!

From Chromebooks to Macbooks to any laptop made in the last 10 years, we can (and probably have) fixed it!

A Glance at Our Company

Our Team

Our team consists of over 13 ISO-9001 certified technicians with years of experience.

Our Facilities

We have two 5,000 sq ft. facilities: Markham, ON, Canada and Latrobe, PA, USA.

Our Clients

We mainly service high-volume repairs for electronics retailers and school districts with varying order sizes, ranging from 10 to 400 pieces weekly.

Our Mission

We strive to repair electronics to provide an economical and environmentally conscious alternative to purchasing new devices.


We specialize in Macbook Air and Pro models. From the humble Intel 2013 models all the way to the new M1 architecture in 2020!


Students had a mishap with their Chromebook? We have years of experience and over 10,000 OEM parts for Chromebooks!


We have extensive experience with laptops ranging from gaming, portable workstations, to everyday consumer models from a wide variety of OEMs!

That's Just the Start!

We offer extensive support for almost any laptop made by many different OEMs. We’re experienced with Apple Macbooks and iPads, and laptops made by HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Razer, and more!


We can repair a variety of tablets motherboards from Samsung! And, of course, iPads!

Gaming Consoles

We have extensive experience with whole-unit repairs for 8th generation gaming consoles from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo!

Who We Currently Work With

HHtronics currently supports several electronics dealers and trusted repair partners!

Becoming a Client

We would love to offer our PCB services to you!

  • High Volume Orders

    We can fulfill repair orders ranging from 40 to 200 boards weekly!

  • Shipping Across North America

    We have facilities in the United States and Canada! We typically ship by UPS or FedEx Ground.

  • Experienced Technicians

    Our team has years of PCB troubleshooting, soldering, and quality assurance experience to pinpoint issues at the component level!

Any Questions?

Feel free to ask us any questions about the PCB repir services we offer! We accept clients ranging from school disticts, electronics retailers, to OEMs!

Canada: 145 Riviera Dr, Unit 8, Markham, ON
US: 321 Cherry Hills Dr, Unit F, Latrobe, PA

(724) 858 2868